R&TTE Testing

The R&TTE Directive requires article 3.2 Radio Standards to be “fully applied” unless you are using a Notified Body – and even then, you will be expected to “fully apply” a Harmonised Standard where possible. Whilst radiated tests must be performed at a suitable test site or in a suitable test chamber, all other tests can be performed on a bench. We can provide experienced test personnel, who can perform many tests at your offices, saving both time and money in the process.

FCC & Industry Canada Certification

We have extensive experience of testing products to FCC & Industry Canada requirements and managing certification through TCBs and FCBs. Products covered include devices operating to:

  • FCC parts 15.245, 15.247, 15.249 and 15.407 for unlicensed equipment.
  • FCC parts 22, 24, 27 and 90 for licensed equipment.

Our FCC/IC test reports are accepted by a UK based TCB/FCB and we can help you reduce time and cost in a number of ways:

  • Performing minimum required tests – such as testing only 1 channel for FCC licensed devices.
  • Performing majority of testing via conducted test methods.
  • Performing tests at your offices.
  • Pre-testing to find “worst case” modes prior to testing at 3rd party labs.
  • Making MPE/EMF calculations to meet requirements of  FCC OET65 / IC RSS-102.

Using our experience, and proven test methods, we recently tested and obtained FCC certification for 4x30W LTE basestation in just 6 working days from starting the first test to having FCC grant of Equipment Authorisation!

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r&tte testing - Radiated Spurious emissions