Radio Equipment Directive  2014/53/EU

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The RED contains a number of changes compared to the current R&TTE

  • Sound and TV broadcast receivers come into scope of RED.
  • Fixed Line Telecommunication equipment is no longer included.
  • “Radio Determination” equipment is included.
  • Additional requirements on software that can effect radio parameters.
  • Additional requirements for mobile phone chargers.

The timescales for entry into force and implementation are:

RED Transition

Radio Equipment Directive transition dates – when will it apply

What should manufacturers do?

Manufacturers of products that fall under the RED can continue to use the R&TTE Directive or EMC/LVD if not currently within scope of R&TTE . ETSI have published a number of Harmonised Standards, 111 of which have now been listed in the Official Journal., OJ.

ADCO have written a Guide to the Radio Equipment Directive, which is now available as a final draft – please contact us if you would like a copy.

There is now less than 5 weeks to go before the RED must be used for products “placed on the market”, and if you haven’t started doing anything yet, we can assist with the required Risk Assessment and gap analysis between R&TTE and published or draft ETSI standards.

Manufacturers of Sound and TV receivers need to be aware that their products will be moving into scope and will need to comply with Radio Spectrum requirements and two new standards have been developed in this area:

ETSI are continuing to work on over 150 standards for the Radio Equipment Directive and details of the current ETSI work program are the current ETSI work programs are available for radio standards and for EMC standards.

Sulis Consultants are tracking the progress of a number of key ETSI standards here.